Exhibition of a few Indian women artists
“Create, nurture and set free” by Amita Goswami
“Brahmakamal” by Moly T Y
“Freedom” Artist: Babitha Bhaskaran
Artist: Chitra Verma
Artist: Kalyani Mehta
“Pieces of Life” by Minaxi Adeshara
Artist: Pari Narayan
Artist: Pinal Panchal
“Sky is the limit scaled” by Prabha-Krishnamoorthy
Artist: Raji Pisharasiar
Artist: Rani Damien
Artist: Rashmi Ranganath
Artist: Rupa Basu
“The Corner” by Rupal Buch
Artist: Sandyarani Pai
Artist: Sara Hussain
Artist: Seema Kashyap
Artist: Smitha Patel

Solo Shows

The solo exhibitions of the year were by Shalini Patel, Namrata Nair and Pinal Panchal.

Press report of Shaliny Patel’s exhibition
Namrata Nair’s painting exhibition
Pinal Panchal’s art exhibition

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