“Colors of India-2”, the inaugural exhibition of White Sanctum Art Gallery comprised of the paintings of 18 artists from different parts of India. The participating artists were Nirupam Konwar, Atul Padia, Avani Shah, Mahendra Mithapara, Manjiree Manolkar, Madhu Kumar, Kanthraj N, Veeranna Karadi, M S Lingaraju, Umesh C J, Sunitha R, Bindu P V, Sadhu Aliyur, Varghese Kalathil, Roshin Thankachan and Sumitha Sundaram. The painting exhibition was inaugurated by Late veteran artist Sri. M B Patil.

Another major exhibition in the gallery was that of 108 artists. This international exhibition was a travelling exhibition, where all the artworks were images of the Hindu God Ganesha.

Photographs of Colors of India-2

Late Sri M B Patil inaugurating the “Colors of India-2 ” Exhibition at White Sanctum Art Gallery on 18th January 2015
Photograph by participant artists Madhu Kumar, Bindu P V, Nirupam Konwar and Roshin Thankachan with their respective works; by freelance cartoonist Sridhar Comaravalli
Water color painting of Late Sri Sadhu Aliyur

Water color painting of Madhu Kumar (Ph: +91 9448482728)

Water color painting of Nirupam Konwar (Ph: +919008417486)

Artist: Kanthraj N (Ph: +919844300600)
(Ph: +919886855021)
Artist: M S Lingaraju (Ph: +919731101157)
Artist: Varghese Kalathil (Ph: 919495535596)
Artist: Umesh C J (Ph: +919986693268)
Artist: Sumitha Sundaram (Ph: +919940056618)
Artist: Roshin Thankachan (Ph: +919741717205)
Artist: Sunitha Ramachandran (Ph: +919972733318)

Photographs of 108 Vinayaka Kalavinayaka

Vinayaka in Kerala Mural Style by Swastik Mural Paintings (Artists: C D Dileep and Hariharan)
Ganesha in Kerala Mural Style by Shyju Palakkaran
A section of the display of artworks

The exhibition saw a lot of beautiful artworks on one theme of the Indian God Ganesha. Only two artworks are uploaded here as representational images.

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